I need help in my hunt for the inauthentic



So I am working on the first part of my book (in case you’re new here, I wrote a master-thesis on authenticity in organizations last year, I’m now making a book based on that framework) which is about the need for authenticity and I am working on numerous examples of the time we’re living in and the amount of fakeness we’re surrounded by. Artificial ski-experiences (the great outdoors indoors), artificial beaches (including volcanos and artificial waves), politicians with numerous opinions and values or none at all, plastic and other chemically produced goods. The list is long.

I have quite a lot of international examples but danish ones would be good too. And companies. In brief, I define authentic companies by their ability to use their heritage and history as a competence as well as their ability to communicate and act on basis on the companies own beliefs rather than based on market-knowledge – in other words companies that have a history and/or act in accordance with it’s “self”.

My question is this: Can you give me examples of the inauthentic? Things, situations, companies, people that are fake, spin, made-up, not original, not based on their self or acting on their own ideas. Can you think of any? And don’t worry about wether it’s exactly right – I just need ideas – især danske eksempler!