Online corporate identity: Too many websites are too similiar


What happened to unique differentiation of organizational identity – online? Too many corporate or organizational websites are too similar, in my opinion.

An example of ‘too similiar’ are the sites of two important Danish cultural institutions, that I have used a lot: The Royal Danish Library – and the other being DR, The Danish  Broadcasting System, where I used to work in the Culture and online department, giving me a reason to know their communication and online platform really well.

Yeah – they might both be quite user friendly (they are!) in front- as well as back end, which is good – and sure, they do communicate to kindred users or segments. But I hope these screen dumps still illustrates my point – and also hope that The Royal Danish Library didn’t pay too much for their online design! Since the existing website of The Black Diamond and The Royal Danish Library was launched not too long ago, and after the launch of DR’s current website. And, well, as far as DR goes, a new online profile is probably not what they are going shopping for just now:


Too many copy-paste solutions?
One explanation for the high degree of same-same-but-different similiarity among many corporate sites might be, that too many design- and communication agencies perform too many copy-paste jobs, in stead of innovating after providing themselves with a profound understanding of the organizations they work for, when designing and programming on behalf of their clients. Or that some agencies choose to promote a specific style with variation to be wished for.

Yes – organizations buying the same established CM-Systems and -platforms may also be part of the explanation! But that doesn’t change the fact, that very similar expressions and final products of corporate websites are to be found a little too often on www. A way to go beyond this, is to have your own platform – and especially unique front end – designed and programmed, when working with a design or online agency. And of course, to have your unique identity designed to communicate the authentic strenghts, values and visions of your organization.

Don’t settle for less than unique and authentic differentiation
That’s one of our traits in STAGIS: To fully understand the organization we design and communicate for, work to see the world with their perspectives, through the mindset of their stakeholders, and through our own professional eyes, combining the different perspectives with a high degree of empathy in our work – so that our designs and communication work really are unique on behalf of our clients. That often includes a programming of their unique platform og CMS as well, done by our design- and IT team.

Don’t settle for half solutions or less than real and authentic differentiation, when having design done for your organization – external launch of a new online profile and introducing a re-newed online platform in your organization is not something you do every day. It costs in ressources. You might as well invest, do it right and express your own authentic qualities the first time around.