Time for strategy is time well invested


Part of today was devoted to STAGIS strategy, with intensive and identity building sessions guided by Nikolaj and supported by a core of STAGIS’ team. Without getting too specific, I can tell that we also had a laugh and did some very colorful drawings 😀













Strategy time is a part of my job that I really appreciate! Even in the midst of our busy daily organizational work life, full of projects and new ideas, having meetings with clients and coworkers as well as taking care of different practical and technical tasks, that come with running a flexible and efficient agency, where every minute of our day counts for something.


Why is time for strategy important? Because it frames and loads our daily efforts with direction, differentiation and perspective. It’s a time where we share ideas, give feedback and ensure a mutual understanding of our goals and purposes – one being to help our clients realize their authentic potentials through design and communication. This strategy day also included sharing perspectives between older and quite new co-workers, Pernille and Troels, together shining a light on STAGIS from different angles – a valuable learning experience for all of us, I think.

Strategy time brings in a meaningful space for reflection and sense making that counts especially over time – but also makes a difference when navigating on a daily basis. That’s one reason why I could only recommend other organizations to prioritize room for reflection and developing their perspective and strategy from time to time – even though they, like us, have a busy schedule. Strategy time makes a difference, and if handled professionally, the time spent here is well earned back in the long run, making you sure of how to handle and prioritize your organizational resources on a daily basis and for the future…