Identity adventures of the present moment


If you’ve been following STAGISBLOG or if you scroll down the page you’ll see we didn’t write much over the past two weeks. I’m sure I’m not the only one in the STAGIS-team wishing for more time to blog but the past few weeks have been rather bussy. A couple of weeks ago we started working on two projects with Novozymes, a long-time support of the CSR-project Specialekontoret and one of the most interesting companies in Denmark in recent years. We’re helping the enzyme and biofuel giant meet new talents in new ways.

MergerteamThen we’ve been having a dialogue with CVU Sjælland and CVU Syd, two University Colleges who are merging into one organization encompassing 13 higher learning institutions representing a wide range of professions, student age-groups and geographic differences. It’s one of the more interesting cases we’ve had the pleasure of working with as it involves a number of challenges involving corporate and organizational identity, internal and external communication and complex managerial challenges. Above all it entails a large potential to grow and create even better learning for the students wanting to attain a bachelor degree and a professional career within nursing, nutrition and health, education and social education. Marta will be heading this project with three of us supporting the process. I’m sure there’s going to be lots to tell as we work our way into this adventure with the management team and 800 colleagues. At this point the new institution is to be named Professionshøjskolen i region Sjælland (University College Sealand).

As these projects started Anne has been spending part of the summer designing a new identity for the museum of modern art, ARKEN, which I’m sure she’ll be sharing on this blog soon. There’s always an exciting interplay between the challenge of a new design symbolizing a new view of the values, strengths and potentials of the organization on one hand and the historic and culturally conditioned boundaries of the organization’s expression on the other. Right now we’re trying to find that balance with the management team of ARKEN before we implement their new corporate identity.

For the past few weeks Sandra and Pernille has been running a high-purpose project for Familiehøjskolen Skærgården. If you visit this place, you’ll see the most romantic place with houses surrounding a lake. But the background for this organizations reason for being is not so romantic. This family school hosts families that are having social, educational or abuse problems. We’re helping the organization get back in touch with the social workers throughout the country as the reorganization of the danish municipalities has changed who is in charge of what – among other things who’s in charge of families and children that can be helped by Familiehøjskolen.

And well, then there’s the book, a new semester starting at RUC, new contacts and new adventures still to be explored.