Bringing environmental issues top of mind


Today the 15th of October is world wide Blog Action Day. Interesting concept! The idea is uniting blogs and minds on environmental issues, bringing them top of mind. At least that’s a first step to bring about changes and actions as well.

Excellent timing, this Blog Action Day: this Friday the 12th, Al Gore was honoured, accompanied by the UN climate panel, with the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to bring environmental issues at the top of the global agenda.

Gore’s guts
I’m fascinated by Gore’s communicative strategy, when working on environmental issues. He’s a man to set a new agenda and best practise by breaking the code on how to frame a political agenda in a popular culture, using genres, media and a ‘language’ that appeal to the global masses – necessary, when dealing with global issues and challenges.

And inspiring, the way Gore’s got guts to step out with one big foot from a political sector, and take a loooong walk through popular culture, to get his agenda and the message out, without loosing integrity. That’s a fine line to cross and walk! But it’s also a part of our future, to dare cross-culturing and work cross-sectorial, if you want to address a global audience of consumers as citizens, and get their attention.

On environmental friendly consumerizm and recruitment
Blog Action Day made me think of my own choices as a young female consumer and citizen. Do positive formulation of environmental issues by companies and producers guide my choices? Definitely! Without being totally neo-eco-eco. But it’s not easy to make conscious choices on all levels, when living a modern urban life. Sometimes my busy life makes me choose the easy or most fun solution – which is not always the most conscious or environmental friendly.

So; easy as well as fun/stimulating AND environmental friendly is definitely a clue for future successful business concepts J maybe that’s something for your company to consider as well?

One company doing well here is in my opinion Novozymes, who we just helped with design work and communication, as part of Novozymes’ recruitment project. You may take a look at pics of the Novozymes project here.
My participation in this project made me aware, that Novozymes’ efforts within the field of enzymes make each employee contribute with a yearly decrease of 4.200 tons of CO2. Respect! That’s an ESP to acknowledge – and also an example to bring forward, for others to improve their business. Employees of today wish for more than their salary. And it’s a solid and authentic way to offer a solution on how people may contribute positively on environmental issues, when doing it on a daily basis through your job.

You can read about Blog Action Day here, and still make it, if you want to participate…