Tell it AND show it


STAGIS just finished making a video for the website of Kastanievej Efterskole, with the pupils talking about their experiences with living on Kastanievej Efterskole (it works like a boardingschool, but only for a year). The being away from home, the new friendships that are made. Friends who almost become family. Like Mikkel says: “It’s what you hate, being social all the time. But at the same time it’s what you love, being around your friends all the time” (freely addapted from the danish interview).

Kastanievej has a lot of fine text on their website, telling about the daily life on their school, but it really kicks in actually showing the young people and the rooms they live in. With the guys and girls telling their own stories about Kastanievej, so the person watching the video feels the spirit of the school.

It’s the wonders of videos on websites. Very effective. I’m all for.