The Blog Prize 2007


Debate on blogging is going around these days – for what do we need blogs, how should or shouldn’t we use them, is blogging a democratization tool, or is the high number of (uncensored and sometimes unverified information published on) blogs just polluting www and our minds?

How does it make sense to use blogs as a tool for political, commercial or purely personal communication? What are the success parametres of organizational vs. privately driven blogs, and how personal or commercial – if at all – may a blog be?

A perspective on this debate is to be found in this Danish-language article by journalist Troels Johannesen: “Nok Blog Amok” (Freely  translated as "Enough Blog Craziness"), that I appreciated to read, followed by interesting comments on the subject. If you take a look around, part of the debate on e.g. distribution of feeds vs. ‘original source of publication’ has also taken place here.

The blog is still a relatively new communication tool and way of relating in the public sphere, so different perceptions and opinionBlogpris120x120s on blogging is a quite natural and interesting part of the process: The medium, genre and definition of its potentials and limitations is still being created, we are in the midst of it all!

Even though you don’t work with blogs on a daily basis, a way for you to make your statement on this subject is to vote for the blog you would like to see winning Blogprisen 2007 (The Blog Prize 2007)!

For the fist time, Blogmagasinet is giving out Blogprisen 2007. Until 1st of December you can nominate your favorite blog for Blogprisen 2007 by sending a link with a brief argumentation to Blogmagasinet. Next after, the voting among five nominees will take place. I don’t know how small or big this is going to grow – but I do like the experimental initiative, and will be curious to click by and check out the argumentations and the winner…

For now – enjoy your weekend and the beautiful Autumn!