Backstage08 on experience, participation and authenticity



I met up with Joe Pine of Pine & Gilmore, the authors of Experience Economy and lately Authenticity which is about the rendering of authenticity in economic offerings like products, services and experiences. And as Joe was in Roskilde to talk at Backstage 2008 I joined him there and spent most of the day discussing our common interest and our different views on authenticity in business. Thomas Madsen-Mygdal was doing a talk in the morning which I missed out on but I know it was great! If you missed it this year put it in your schedule for 2009. It is set up in Roskilde as part of the new experience center that is being developed there and the wonderful people behind the famous (and certainly authentic in any respect!) Roskilde Festival are the ones doing it.

Joe and I had a great talk and taped some of it for a later v-log (blog-post on video) so you’ll be able to take part in our discussion. Will get it online and let you know soon!