Choose authenticity



My brother was kind enough to send me this photo that he took in the subway today, commenting that it was probably as useful as when our grandmother would try to express her understanding of what you’re doing (with an age difference of 50 years she had no clue). But it is useful. Because it’s a great example of how companies are starting to understand that they need to bring forward their authenticity. However most of them – as well as their consultants and ad-agencies – have no idea of what their own authenticity consist of and how to make it clearer in their strategy and organizational life. Absolut is doing a lot better when it comes to this – which is the reason they’re part of my book. More on that later!

PS: My brother is a New York-based photographer who shoots fashion and advertising and actually, without having spoken a word with him about it, he is a master at bringing out authentic images. See what you think: – comments are welcomed and danish shooting opportunities even more so!