The Bauhaus Revisited


The world is full of beautiful memories; just after handing over my dissertation around this New Year, one memory of mine was spent revisiting the creative city of Berlin, where I recently returned from. Strolling Berlin I also revisited The Bauhaus Archive, where I was reminded in sight of how the former Bauhaus Academy of Art prepared the grounds for a great deal of future design and works of architecture.

L1000847_4This optical colour-mixer designed by Ludwig Hirschfeld-Mack in 1923 is very typical of the didactic intentions of the Bauhaus, and also unites three dimensions I favour; Design, learning and play!

Hirschfeld-Mack’s main activities at The Bauhaus Academy of Art laid in the problems of colours and colour projections. With this didactic toy he demonstrated how the rotation of the top produces the optical mixing of the colours, that are printed upon the laid-on plates; on the back telling about chromatology. Here, some aspects of the colour theories from Goethe to Schopenhauer up to Hölzel are being demonstrated in a fun but simple way – Less is More…

Have a colourful, fun and inspiring 2008!