Is your project brandable?


I was discussing branding with 12 project executives from large Danish corporations this morning. I was discussing a number of very different projects that we’ve made in STAGIS. From employer branding for Novozymes to product innovation for OKI Printing Solutions and traffic awareness communication for the Danish Cyclists Association. The last hour before lunch the participants were working in teams to try and solve some of the communication issues from one of their projects. The point of the morning was, you can create an identity and brand any project nomatter if it’s a large construction project or a reorganization of a company. In any event you have to consider the positioning of the branding and how you want your stakeholders to perceive the activity. So the teams were trying to see different perspectives and create a number of branding-scenarios in order to discuss different possibilities for the development of each “project brand”.

We were on the sixth floor in the Deloitte building. The view is something like this – taken with my phone:


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