Novozymes exhibition stand at DTU






Having been an employee at STAGIS for about a month and a half now, this will be my first contribution to the STAGIS blog. During my time here at STAGIS, one of my first assignments have been the operation of the Novozymes exhibition stand at the DSE-fair at DTU on March 12-13. After weeks of coordinating the running of the exhibition stand, I could finally see the pay off of my work, when Nikolaj and I went to the opening of the DSE-fair last Wednesday. Of course I had seen pictures of the Novozymes exhibition stand, that STAGIS designed in the autumn of 2007, but it was great to see the stand live in a real spring-version with the grass in the floor and the beautiful fig-tree in full bloom! And, according to the DTU-students I talked to, they really noticed and paid attention to the Novozymes stand because of the innovative design with the oblique angles and the grass in the floor.