What is Stagis most valuable skills?



Last weekend the Stagis team spent a Saturday afternoon at the office dedicated to improve our individual presentation of Stagis. The frame for the afternoon was to practise and discuss different ways of presenting and accentuate Stagis services and characteristics in relation to specific cases. We discussed different theoretical models, and professional ways of explaining the way we work. But witch points hit clients? And what is really the most authentic way to present Stagis?

We each did a few presentations of Stagis with and without relation to cases, and as you could expect, they were quit different! One presentation emphasised Stagis history, clients and examples of cases. My presentation was focused on the theoretical approach we have to the creative process, and the model that focuses our skills. A third presentation was based on our beliefs, and our ability to feel empathy with our clients. We all talked about authenticity.

Each presentation gave a new view of Stagis. But what is actually our greatest and most appealing strength? Is it our history, clients & cases? Our theoretical approach to the process of development? The fact that we as the only company work with authenticity mappings? Our empathy and ability to understand each client better? Or something else? We made our conclusions, and we are still working on it. But I’m quit curious to get new opinions? What is our most valuable skill? What is the best experience working or collaborating with us? Hope you can give me a few new clues or point of views to inspiration!