The coaching experience!



< The experience was the opposite of what this picture symbolises!

As a more or less new employee here at STAGIS, I had a brand new experience personally and professionally the other day at work. I had a coaching-session with Mr. Nikolaj Stagis as part of a normal staff development interview. The session was build up in a way that maked me evaluate and think about my new life as a STAGIS-employee but at the same time, my new (practical) life in the business of communications. I study PR at Roskilde University beside this student job.

It was a transcendent experience because suddenly I noticed myself telling my boss about things which I would never had imagined. The purpose of the whole thing was to get me to reflect upon my role in the STAGIS company together with my private life. Summing up, the real experience was that I, as a result of this coaching, could talk myself to the answers of my questions emerging from my new role in the ”real” life of communications.

The experience has later made me reflect on the effect this coaching had on me. Now I feel myself more confident in the new role having shared my emotions and experiences with my boss. At the same time, my general idea of how internal atmosphere on a workplace can be and evolve to and what boundaries there is between the work staff is in my mind more flexible now.

In the work STAGIS do where authenticity is the basis in the approach to the clients, I can easily draw a parallel to this experience. To work together efficiently and with a nice and relaxed karma, I find it the most important to stay authentic with one another. Don’t you?

Could you imagine yourself being coached by your boss?