An anthropologist in Stagis


In short, Stagis is a company focusing on the connection between the three elements; Design, Communication and Culture. My function as an anthropologist is to contribute to the Culture part.

With knowledge on classical anthropology, from my BA degree in Anthropology from the University of Aarhus, I have explored different perspectives on cultural understanding and gained an insight in the importance of dichotomies. What really interest me are the modern aspects in the field and I have studied subjects such as social psychology, social relations and culture of organizations in the modern Western world. To pursue my interest in especially culture of organizations I studied Sociology at University of Lund in Sweden. Here, I became known with concrete tools to approach the subject and performed several case studies to fine-tune specific methods.

As an anthropologist in Stagis I analyze the degree of authenticity, based on Nikolaj Stagis’ work about authentic companies, by mapping and valuing companies in three dimensions:

    1. Historic and heritage authenticity
    2. Reflexive and action authenticity
    3. Image authenticity and presence