What are they advertising for?


Not to long ago I saw the coolest commercial I have ever seen. I think the pictures are perfect, the timing is perfect, the music is perfect, but… Yes of course there has to be a but.

Despised how cool I thought this commercial was, and how often I told my friends about it, I could never remember who and what the commercial was advertising for, and that’s a shame. And I still can’t remember the name of the company if you ask me now, but after I have seen it again and again, I now know what the product is.

Is this commercial then a complete waste of money? I don’t think so, if it is part of a plan to show that this is a company, which is willing to take a chance, and doesn’t want to do it like every body else. And the point isn’t to sell a lot more of the product. If this is characteristic for them, then the commercial is very good. If it is not, then it has nothing to do with the company’s authenticity, and is just a cool commercial, which overshadows what it is advertising for.

What do you think? Is it possible for a commercial to be to good, or is it just me who isn’t affected so easily by this commercial? And is it possible to tell anything about a company through a commercial like this, which is so fare from the product?

If you remember what the commercial was advertising for then say so.