Designing design identity




At the moment we are finishing the last parts of our new visual identity. Next week our site is finally going online in the English version (, and we are ready to produce our new stationary.  While I was working on our business cards I just stmbled on these great cards from Mother Design in New York. Their concept is all abbout mothers. For instance they don’t have project managers – they have mothers to care for clients and projects. And as you see above (click image to enlarge) every person has a picture of their mother on the backside of their business card to complete the concept. Quit an interesting way to create identity for a studio – both conceptual and personal. I’m just wondering how I would like to have a business card with a picture of my mother fro the 70’ties or 80’ties saying ‘Proud mother of Anne Schourup-Kristensen’. And how would I feel handing the card out to more conservative clients? I guess it would be a great ice -breaker. 


I visited their studio during the AIGA GAIN Business and Design Conference in the fall, where we got an inspiring tour round the studio – and it was both very presentable and inspiring to visit all the mothers.