My music week


I just had a great music week.

Last Friday we had a nice company dinner where everybody

shared music. Monday Nikolaj brought us a new amplifier (even though he was the

only one who could hear the old one was broken 🙂 Yesterday Nikolaj and I

browsed us through a lot of different old and new danish music, in order to

find artists to perform at our housewarming this spring. It was quit funny, as

we tried to find the most authentic artists we could think of. We listened to artists

as Kasper Winding, Rocazino and CVJørgensen (old danish artists) whom I mostly

heard as a child. Today I realized that it is actually this Monday 'The Whitest

Boy Alive' will release their second album 'Rules'. It made me so happy I wanna

share it with you guys. In 2006 'The Whitest Boy Alive' released their debut

album 'Dreams' witch I listened to so much the past year. I hope the new album

is as good as the old one. You can check some of the music out here or

pre-order the album here.

And – if you really like it – they will visit Copenhagen

and play at Vega the 25. of April. I cant wait.