Talk and listen



Last week I was doing interviews for one of our customers, to gather information for further evaluation of different authentic strengths and values. The interviews were split into two parts; the first part was an open narrative conservation, and in the second part the informants were asked more specific questions. It was a really interesting work and a got a lot of remarkable opinions out in the daylight.

The method applied, narrative conversation or interview, is in my belief a very relevant and honest way to get information from your informants. Within these open conversations there is no hidden agenda, or at least there should not be, and therefore you get a relatively deep insight in your informant’s version of the truth. If you let people talk, and you take your time to listen, you will reveal what great things they really have on their minds. It doesn’t matter if interviewing is a part of your job or not, but do yourself and your friends a favour; ask an (open) question and listen to the answer…