Authenticity model taking off in times of crisis


I just received a very nice email yesterday that made me very happy. A participant at one of the talks I did in the fall described how important it is to keep focus in these times of crisis and that my authenticity model was inspiring him.

"…i disse tider med krise er det meget godt at huske dine ord om Autenticiteten, den virker om noget mere vigtig nu end nogensinde, når medarbejderne skal samles om at komme videre, selvom nogle af deres kolleger må afskediges. Jeg har lavet en lille reminder til mig selv på min pc desktop (se vedhæftede) da jeg fik dit brev for at minde mig selv om at holde fokus."

The desktop picture looks like this:


…there is probably no need to explain Steffen is in the luxury part of the private jet industry.

What is interesting here is the comment on crisis and how the focus has to be kept. Actually the most common conditions for companies to find new focus and reclaim their identity is in times of crisis. That is when the management of the company has to think hard about what is central and distinctive to the company – in other words, what the identity of the company is. When I find the time I will write an article on this subject.

Speedy greetings from Nikolaj (flying home today)