New Identity for Kulturministeriets Koncerncenter


Last week we launched a new authentic identity for the group center of the Danish Cultural Ministry (Kulturministeriets Koncerncenter). During the past year they've developed from being an administrative department into becoming an organization primarily focusing on supporting and giving advice on administrative development rather than actually executing the administrative tasks. With the

In the spring and early summer we did an anthropological study of their corporate culture in order to find and understand their authentic strengths and use them as the foundation of the new visual identity. Over the past three months we've developed their new logo, type, colors and website design as well as all the details that go with a coherent visual identity; signage, business cards, email signatures… the works…

So, back to last week: Over two days we helped the group launch their new identity. Not only the visual identity but also explore the meaning of 'who are we' as they become a new organizational identity focusing on a new role towards their clients. They will leave the administrative role and take on the role of an empathic sparring partner with each client. Some 40-odd members of the group shared their stories of success in the new role and inspired each other (and me!) in pursuing their new identity. By the end of November their new website will be launched, focusing on their collaboration with clients.

I think my colleague Anne is going to blog about the actual visuals and the logotype next week – coming up!

Top: Consultant Jacob Lindeblad explaining the next exercise. The banners on the wall show the essence of the new identity. Bottom: Colleagues from the Corporate Center of Danish Cultural Ministry exercise storytelling. The stories best describing their new identity is shown as everyone puts a hand on the shoulder of the person who's story they like the most.