Stagis is doing well



Today, Danish trade-magazine is reporting on the growth of Stagis under the headline "It's going well for Stagis". The gross profit is up about 100% due to the strategic focus on authenticity that we've been following during the past two years. The total sales of 2009 is up about 120% which means I haven't done the effort I wanted to on my book manuscript this fall. But during the first few months of 2010 I'll try to get the last few chapters of the book finished in order to get the book on organizational authenticity published this summer.

One of the examples of our efforts in building authentic identities is the bus industry of Greater Copenhagen, which is mentioned in the article. We've been executing a pilot project this year with great success. During the next few days, four case-videos will be launched on our website, with a number of interesting people explaining the project. One interesting appearance during the summer was Minister of Transportation, Lars Barfoed, who joined us in June and gave a few comments about the project. The first bit of video is available on now – the remaining three films will show up soon.

The article is available on Markedsførings website: