Studio Culture



At the moment I’m reading a book about design studio

culture, edited by Adrian Shaughnessy and Tony Brook from Spin. The two

actually made a new publishing company called Unit Editions and ‘Studio

Culture’ is the firs book in line.

It is my natural interest to read about how design

studios organize themselves and deal with getting clients and paying the bills

while designing in the specific way they are famous for. But the book is

furthermore interesting as many of the studios in the book, is studios I admire

a lot, and I have followed their work a few years (Spin, Fuel, Build, Marian

Bantjes, Pentagram, A Practice for Everyday Life, Experimental Jetset and a lot

more). Most of them is based in London, and somehow, their work carry this

special feel, witch makes it really distinctive, and dead cool, carefully crafted graphic design.

In this book I get a bit of a sneak peak into their daily

life and how they make their business work while they are still doing great

work!? It reminds me of one of Adrian Shaughnessy’s books ‘How to be a graphic

designer without loosing your soul’, where the topic is somewhat the same.

On Unit editions website you can read a few of the

interviews in short form, and the fun part is, that design studios all over the

world is encouraged to send in photos of their own studios. A lot did, and it

is quit fun to see the different working environments.