City of Copenhagen wishes ‘GOOD TRIP’ with new magazine


Municipality of Copenhagen wants to raise the traffic safety between so-called ”soft” and ”hard” road users to get less injuries in the busy metropolis. And as Stagis has worked a lot with different institutions and organizations in regard to traffic and safety as well as the bus industry of Greater Copenhagen we seemed to be the obvious choice to partner with. This work has led to a collaboration with Department of Traffic within the municipality of Copenhagen. The Department of Traffic wishes to create a better dialogue between the different road users, in order to obtain more safety and less conflicts on the busy streets of Copenhagen. During the summer, the Stagis team has developed, written and designed a new magazine targeted at the ’professional’ road users, namely the busdrivers of the city.

Part of the concept is, that there is a busdriver involved in every story, giving different contemplations about safety. Most of the stories are fairly short and they involve different road users who give their personal view on the issue of safety. The first issue of ‘God Tur’ (could also be translated to ‘Safe Travels’) features a story involving a dialogue between a busdriver, a motorist, a cyclist and a pedestrian, advicing each other on safety and pointing out the most dangerous places in the city. The magazine also contains good advice on how to avoid stress during work hours and communicates some of the new initiatives happening in the streets of Copenhagen.

The magazine is handed out in the workplaces of the busdrivers (about 20 places around Copenhagen) these days, reaching about 3,000 people who spend most of their workday in the traffic. In the next couple of months we will work on the next issue which will be out on the streets about November 1st. The content will be created in collaboration with the busdrivers and the other road users in order to speak with their voice and make the magazine easy to identify with.