Facebook users cheer the kindness of a bus driver


Since 2009 we have been working on the project ’Chauffører med karaktér’, a project dedicated to creating job-satisfaction and pride for bus drivers in Copenhagen. Recently, the project has been extended to include the rest of Sealand. Besides focusing on instilling pride and job-satisfaction in bus drivers the project also reaches out to bus passengers in an attempt to empower them in improving the overall experience of travelling by bus in the region.

Facebook is one of the channels we have been receiving feedback from bus passengers. The site is used for news and announcements about the project, but also gives the users an opportunity to share their bus travel stories. Normally, the posts on the site reaches around a couple of thousand Facebook users, but sometimes a particular comment or news story can spark a wildfire of interest and really get the ’likes’ and comments flowing.

Eva Reinhardt, a regular bus commuter, decided to share her story of a bus driver who stopped his bus and got out to help a young boy over a busy road. Posting his good deed on the Facebook page ’Chauffører med karaktér’ generated over 30.000 likes, 350 comments and reached more than 800.000 Facebook users in one week.

We intensely followed the development of interest for the story. A single shared story had hit home with so many other people and had sparked an interest for the bus drivers and their role in making the passengers journey a good one. Following Eva’s story many others posted their experiences on the Facebook page, which was a clear indication of the appreciation that people have for a project of this nature.

This Facebook experience clearly demonstrates that the project “Chauffører med karaktér” has made a huge difference. Instead of always focusing on the negative stories, the bus passengers started articulating positive stories focusing on the happy experiences in the buses.