Is authenticity simply another word for history?


Nikolaj recently spoke at an alumni event at ESADE, the leading Spanish Business School in MBA and Executive Education in Barcelona, Spain.

See video teaser to the event here

(Nikolaj’s presentation on video coming soon)

Nikolaj speaks about the need for brands to embrace authenticity as a value creating management tool. He explains how acting upon insights into the different aspects of authenticity i.e. historic, reflexive and expressive authenticity can help a company to practice an appropriate management of identity, and how to inspire passion in employees and consumers, evidently gaining trust from all stakeholders and a sustainable business.

The event was arranged by ESADEs Alumni department, who had invited Nikolaj to speak by virtue of his membership of the non-profit think tank The Medinge Group, an initiative started by branding experts in 2000, who aim to influence and encourage businesses to become more human and more humane.

Read more about the event here, or enjoy the slideshow.