A new vision for the city of Kolding part 2


In an earlier post Nikolaj addressed our cooperation with Kolding and the seminar back in October on which Kolding’s authentic strengths was found. The purpose here fore was to find a solid basis for the development of a new vision for the city of Kolding. With the authentic strengths in place, the next step in the process of finding a vision for Kolding was a civic forum, for which one percent of the citizens of Kolding where invited. The event was held in Kolding last week (the 29th of November) and here is a brief update on how it went down.

More than 600 citizens showed up on the evening in TreFor Arena in Kolding, All eager to put their mark on the future vision for the city, which made the night both productive and inventive. Based on the authentic strengths located on the vision seminar, the city council, advised by Stagis, had come up with three potential directions for Kolding to work towards in the future.

–       The voluntary design city

–       The enterprising design city

–       The knowledgeable design city

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During the evening the participants took part in the discussion of the scenarios, and a SMS system was set up which made it possible for everyone to follow and comment on the process. Furthermore the citizens were split up into groups to discuss the three different roads for the future of Kolding.

At the end of the night all of the attendees had to make a choice on, which of the three directions they desire for Kolding to turn to in the future. This decision was made physically, by letting the all of the participants walk to the scenario that they believe the most in. The enterprising and knowledgeable design city was clearly favored by the citizens of Kolding. On the 10th of December the city council will make the final decision on which direction Kolding will move towards in the future. One thing is certain, the members of the city council were sent home with an expanded perspective on the future vision, due to the involvement of the citizens of Kolding.

We are excited to learn which of the three directions Kolding chooses for the future.