Anniversary party – when Stagis turned 15


With the office back in place, we would like to thank all the lovely people who dropped by to celebrate Stagis last night. Thank you for all the nice flowers and presents and a special thank you to the all the people who contributed with interesting perspectives on the recent 15 years of Stagis.

Especially the kind words from some of our fantastic customers and partners made the evening memorable, and a short trip down memory lane with stories and anecdotes from the past 15 years with Stagis pointed out the strong ties and relations that makes Stagis go deep into the heart of companies and organizations. Lars Hargaard from OKI Printing Solutions told the story about how a grey color printer named 3400 became “OKI Identity” and how it was marketed as a piece of furniture that would fit an office or space in every possible color. Lars was quite surprised when he got the first prototype – his grey printer had turned into a ferrari-red designer-item. “There was a lot of talk about the market position and so on, and Stagis was quite secretive. But finally they unveiled this red printer and we really liked it!”. Watch the case and a video. Birgitte Qvist-Sørensen told about her time at Helsingør Kommune where Stagis was involved in various design projects and Nikolaj Stagis showed a few glimpses from fifteen years passed. “It’s hard to believe that fifteen years passed”, he explained and talked about the development of Stagis in the year to come, when Stagis will turn 16. “The development of Stagis is dependent on the development of myself and the people that are in the company,” he said. The evening also included a hula hoop show my Ms Mia which was quite fascinating. We enjoyed celebrating our 15th anniversary with all of you.

The Stagis team and I wishes you all a lovely weekend.