How does your company rank?

Thursday the 16th, Berlingske Business Magasin (a Danish business magazine) published a ranking of 140 renowned Danish companies for 2013 generated from interviews with 4.130 CEO’s. The measurements in the ranking include relevant parameters such as Leadership, Credibility, Competitive ability, Responsibility, and the evaluation of companies points out which companies are doing well in the market and which companies leave room for improvement.

Not surprisingly, it is by far the same companies that compeed for the top rankings. LEGO, Novo Nordisk, Novozymes, A.P. Møller are in the top-four of the chart and the tendency is that these companies have found a balance between their historical heritage, their reason for being and how they express their values to themselves and the rest of the world. They have become authentic and this it what drives them to be successful.

But with thousands of companies in Denmark alone it seems like an impossible task to rank all of them.


So how does your company rank? What measurements do you believe are important?

Is there room for improvement? And how would you know whether that is the case?

In today’s market and business orientation the gut feeling of CEO’s, board members and other decisionmakers has been traded in for tangible and reliable scientific measurements on performance, and valid indicators for future scenarios and growth.

At Stagis we work with companies and organizations that wants to find their authentic strenghts and rooms for improvement, so that they can live out their full potential as a whole company. We are actually quite nerdy and enthusiastic about it, and for us it is all about seeing a company flourish and take full advantage of their situation.

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