Mikael is New Anthropologist at Stagis


One of our three areas of expertise here at Stagis is organisational culture. Meaning the internal organizational culture which forms, shapes and defines a company, an organisation, a city, a municipality etc.

To discover what the significant authentic culture is, we use anthroprology as our preferred method. An anthroprologist is able to uncover your strenghts and potentials – and we need that in order to create a strong brand. But first of all we need -off course – a great anthroprologist and here he is.

Mikael comes with a background as PhD student at the Institute of Anthropology and from working as an anthroprological consultant on various projects, including school projects with innovation and school policy in focus.

Mikael will conduct antroprological mappings for Stagis’ public and private clients in order to identify strengths and potentials as well as design future scenarios as part of strategy projects when a strategic direction is developed.

We’re looking forward to send Mikael on an anthropological expedition to discover your inner strenghts soon!

Velkommen til Mikael Eriksen vores nye knivskarpe antropolog. Mikael går på opdagelse i virksomheder, kommuner og organisationer og afdækker de indre styrker og finder måske også nye uudforskede potentialer?