How to create synergy across communication platforms


Copenhagen Business School’s Master of Management Development, MMD, holds a very special strenght: ‘learning through relationships’. This means a.o. that MMD’s often come in pairs. This is reflected in the new visual identity which our team of graphic designers worked hard on this Fall.

Since the launch of the new visual identity in November the task has been to tell the story about MMD and their new pay off ‘Your develoment. The company’s transformation’ (‘Din udvikling. Virksomhedens forvandling’)- with a strong focus on the master programme’s five strenghts.

‘Learning through relationships’ – and Why MMD’s always come in pairs
One of our reccomendations for MMD was to use the unique feature ‘Learning through relationships’ as a central part of the branding effort. MMD participants are therefore displayed in pairs symbolizing the ‘reflexion partners’ which you as a participant at MMD follow throughout your master.

Morten Kaiser and Catrine Boel (meet them in this podcast and see the frontpage of the brochure below) are two MMD’s who have served as each others ‘reflexion partners’ as part of their MMD. This means that they have ‘swopped jobs’ among other things. They are just two of the profiles who have been telling the story of MMD in the communication efforts in different platforms.

Because synergy across all relevant platforms is key when creating a strong brand. This Spring we have conducted a wide range of communication acitivities for MMD which all reflects ‘Learning through relationships’ and – of course – the new visual identity with a strong focus on the ‘reflection partners’, and ‘MMD pairs’.

New interactive brochure reflecting ‘Learning through relationships’
We created a new brochure for the programme which reflects the new identity and the ‘learning thorugh relationships’. Morten and Catrine were perfect as a cover ‘reflexion pair’ – the great MMD energy between them just shines through. To tell the more complex story about the programme we created a range of podcasts, which was implemented in the brochure.



Reflexion, learning through relationships and contextual learning is central at MMD.

Press coverage telling how job swops helps you ‘learn through relationships’
As described in our last newsletter PR plays a central part of building a brand, when you want to raise your reputation. PR can add credibility in a way that no other communication channel can do.

For MMD this meant that we wanted to tell the more complex story about what you gain from your reflexion partner and the story behind why MMD uses experimental activities in the programme. What better way to do this than to tell the story through Børsen Executive, which hits the target group spot on.





Morten and Catrine telling how job swop helped develop their leaderships.

Podcasts, posters and graphics telling how to learn through relationsships

Last but not least we created web graphics, posters and new podcasts for MMD which uses the new visual identity (furthermore we have added the new visual look to the old ‘Reflexion’ podcasts).

The podcasts show different learning points from the master e.g, another ‘reflexion pair’ visitting the international conference for leaders called Academy of Management, AoM, another podcast tells the story of job swops and what you can expect from this experience and so on.



Vi har i dette forår hjulpet Master of Management Development med en række kommunikationsinitiativer, der fokuserer på MMD’s styrkeposition inden for ‘læring gennem relationer’. Det kan du se i MMD’s nye, interaktive brochure, presseomtale i Børsen Executive og i en række nye podcasts, posters og web grafikker. Alle elementer fokuserer på MMD som den master, der gennem lederens egen udvikling forvandler virksomheder.