Me and You and Everyone We Know



Last night I saw the movie Me and You and Everyone We Know. It was just an amazing movie – for once a piece of work that actually explores the art of moviemaking. The story is great and there’s just this amazing variety of details in the language and the little stories within the story. The cast is incredible; six year old Brandon Ratcliff plays Robby. It’s a touching part. But just as touching (and stunning) is this boys career plans: Since he was two and a half he wanted to appear on TV and in the Cinema. Now, having accomplished both, he is planning to be a movie director as a teenager and wants to become a doctor when he grows up.

The future plans of the rest of the cast? I have no idea but I hope they’ll stick to what they’re doing.

And now that we’re at it: Writer-director-actor Miranda July has been blogging during the process. She’s creative – check it out.