Getting a new job – and getting the old job back


Last week I was a manager in Deloitte for a week. I swopped jobs with Lars Konggaard who is the Project Director there.

The week went really well I think. Instead of being part of the STAGIS “family” I became the member of the Deloitte Village – 1.200 employees in one building is a different feeling of togetherness (and apart-ness…) than being somewhere between five and ten people (depending on the day) at the STAGIS office. One of the specific examples is lunch. In the STAGIS office Amanda (fully supported by the bunch of us) fired the company that delivered lunch. So they were back to shopping themselves. Meantime, I was trying to get my chip-identity-card out of it’s plastic case and into the self-serve touch-button register in the central staff canteen.

When Lars and I originally chose to partner up in this project we expected things to be more difficult – or, well, at least more different than they appeared to be by the end of the week. The biggest differences had to do with the size of the two corporations as well as the ownership-model and the speed of decisions turning to action. But as we tried to do the job on behalf of the other we found that many parts of the leadership-role is quite the same; Getting reflexion and the best performance from any person doesn’t depend on the business you’re in. It depends on relationships, communication-skills and other generic personal and interpersonal qualities.