The long planned child of Stagis


Finally!!! Just this morning, we put the finishing touches to the book. The report concerning continuation schools (efterskoler) is ready for press. It took us all night (but what a funny, strange, inspirering and absurd night), I still havn’t closed my eyes and I bump into everything. In return I think it has been worth the trouble. The man at the printing house was very impressed about our work, when he recieved the prints this morning. But then again, he was facing two giggling girls who hadn’t had a sleep for over 24 hours and who didn’t seem able to even write a greating card. But we did, and I think it went well, actually. And this comes from a person, who had a score of 0(!!!), when the Stagis employees took an optimism test together a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, I’m too tired to write about the main points at this moment, but if there’s any questions… Sleepy