Making sense of the corporate blog


A lot of posts and comments these days are about the use of blogs – what are they for, what effects will they have, how can corporations use them to gather information, have customers co-create, communicate authentically and so on. There’s even a tendency to try and condensate blogs or the use of them into either a single use or to correct anyone mentioning one use by listing a number of possible uses.

It’s all true but one important point is that nomatter the great plans and intentions for any social software – including the corporate blog – it is not controllable. At least not in the fashion the use of the word “control” is usually applied. The point is that as people start conversations on a blog their common effort to create sense can go anywhere. And as it so happens, chances are that the owner or manager of the blog can’t decide where it should go. Only nurture and care for the conversation.

So what is a blog? Well, besides technology I’d say it’s anything that comes up in the relations of people using it. At the end of the day a blog is technology and what’s really interesting about it is what people try to do together.

This is also why our blog doesn’t have a specific purpose or one definition – it’s a space for conversations and for making sense for both my colleagues and a wide range of people who want to understand us or try to contribute to our understanding of them or the world.