What u need, when u need it …


Now that things are out of the way, I just want to tell you about a little mail-out we did last week.

One of the big events in the Danish advertising and communication world is the Direct Marketing Prize and this year STAGIS wanted to do things a little different – after all it is a direct marketing event 😉

So, in good time in advance we had prepared a little set of presentation-cards, presenting some mighty fine examples on “doing things the STAGIS way”. On the day of the DM Prize the guest list goes public. And now the circus starts: Selecting 100 names from the list, looking up addresses, tapping it all into lists and merge into labels. As a little special treat the names were also merged into the presentation cards to make them personal and everything was packed into nice and neat little boxes, stamped and labelled for postage.

All 100 boxes were shipped the same night as the nominees for the DM Prize were partying the night away. And next morning they received “a little something” from STAGIS – including 2 little Panodil tablets for the hangovers!

We offer our help in so many ways …