Make Your Next Analysis a Cocreative Identity Project


Imagine you wanted to know more about your customers/users in order to develop a better service or to create better communication. Then imagine you went through a proces that would not only let you know a lot more about your customers through first-hand experience but would even wind up creating your next designs in the shape of the new campaign, new imagery, new stories about your company and build lots of lasting relations to customers who are eager to continue co-creating your relationship as well as the next service.

If you can imagine all of this then you are already well ahead of most of your fellow web-surfers and business leaders. As markets, media and conversations are speeding up, so is the need of fast innovation. And the driving force of the future is the customers as they are the source of speed-to-market quality innovation.

I have no doubt that this is about to be reality for most thriving businesses. And this is one of the ideas I work with when I talk about communicating with authenticity and listening more in order to evolve; You have to know what your customers/users are thinking about, what they are in need of and how they can imagine you creating the services and relationships they need in the future.

Recently a client asked if this wasn’t making things too complicated. No, I answered. I see it as a way of getting twice as much out of the process and gaining speed while you’re at it. So next time you want to know more about your customers in order to communicate to them or develop new products or services, try involving them. Both in your analysis process and the actual creation of the new – whatever new that may be. Not only will you be co-creating. You will be defining and refining your organizational identity in a way that will attract people. Becuase we all love to be heard!