The door to a different world


The other day I was looking for a specific jeans brand on the google website, but in stead of the official brand website, I enterede a lot of chatrooms, personal weblogs and so on. And that was when I realised a couple of things. First of all I didn’t allways understand the language that was used in these different forums and weblogs. It’s quite funny to get an insight in the teenage language usage, like ‘Det var bare ace at være i Tivoli’ – oh, I sound like my parents right now! But anyway, it made me think about communicating with young people, which is very much on my mind right now with the report being published and all. Not that I have to adopt the language (that wouldn’t be very authentic, right?) but at least I think I need to understand this language to really understand the young people today. What they think, how they communicate with each other and so on. Images_2

That day I discovered a brand new world to me: duscussion forums, where young girls exchange opinions and experiences about almost everything. In this specific case it was all about fashion and trends. In stead of asking their friends about tips and tricks, they use these large networks to explore the world of fashion, for example. I think there are many good reaons to tjeck out these sites. You get to know what is going on in teenagers lives (in case you forgot). You get a pretty good indication of what is hot and what is not seen from a teenage perspective. And you get to see how they communicate and use each other in new netbased networks. You can even intervene in the debate, if you wish. No matter what, I think you should go on this trip to a different world – starting with the links above. It’s quite fun!