Building the Authentic Reputation in New York and Maybe in Denmark


Over the weekend I attended the 10th annual Reputation Institute Conference in New York City. A number of interesting people from the academic as well as the professional side of corporate reputation showed up to discuss how we can understand and build corporate reputation.

One of the founding farthers of corporate identity work over the past decades, Wally Olins (Wolff Olins, UK, now Saffron) was awarded for his inspiring work of a lifetime. Wally has recently been working with country and city branding. We had a brief conversation of the brand of Denmark. What it is all about?

It seems to me that most danes have really been defining the danish brand by the homogenous character of the culture. Not so much by any common belief or vision. Recently the danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen talked about “branding Denmark”. I think he meant doing PR-work and ads. But it being first and forremost the way we act and talk that will define danish culture as a country brand we have to think much more about how we act in our everyday. The way we think and our underlying beliefs has to be discussed. But who is creating the discussion of danish beleifs and are the danes ready to understand the perception of our reputation?

Next week there will be a danish edition of the Reputation Institute Conference. You’ll not be meeting HP, Johnson & Johnson and Chevron (or Wally Olins for that matter), but I’m sure there will be lots of interesting input and thoughts on corporate reputation. Go check it out.


Chevron and Novo-presentation, Wally Olins receiving the first Hall of Fame-award, Professor Mary Jo Hatch and Wally Olins, Kimmo Liponen from Nokia