Why aren’t the danish companies blogging?


I spoke with a couple of danish journalists over the past couple of months about blogging and the use of blogs in organizations in particular. They all ask why there are so few companies that blog. And this morning I just thought to myself, well, everyone who has an answer to that question happens to be bloggers. And why would someone that’s all head-over-heals about blogging know anything about the reasons not to blog?

In a recent blog-post UK-based e-consultancy speculates on the reasons for UK businesses not to blog. They’ve made a list of 12 reasons. Some of them are quite meaningful. E-consultancy also mentions Suw Charman and her list of UK companies that blog which she wrote about a couple of weeks ago. I think there are about 60 corporate blogs on that list and now BRITBLOG has a Business and Professional Blogs category.

My answer to the danish scene is related to the lack of knowledge on the subject as well as cultural issues. Danes (and possibly north-europeans) aren’t that fund of showing off and talking about themselves. That seems to flow easier in the land of entreprenurialism, the US. As I’ve mentioned before I did a brief project with some co-executive-students at CBS last fall that certainly showed different personal motivations on becoming public and personal but I think I’ll try and ask someone who is a CEO of a large danish corporation and actually doesn’t blog. Maybe that would be the right person to explain what’s going on and what the danish reluctance to blogging is all about.

Why are you not blogging in your work-sphere?