Mums are the best!


Thats something we all know….but are they also the best female employees?

Uaually when talking about the subject of how to be a mother and have a career at the same time women (yours truly included) are sometimes worried about how they are going to balance work and children and how they might get their job position down-graded when they return from maternity leave (or as its officially called; there has been some restructuring, which means that you have got a lot of really interesting new tasks! Nevermind they are the same tasks you did when you started in the company).
PregnancyIn this office (note: with many young females who aren´t pregnant but are around that age where mother-in-laws are beginning to get stars in their eyes) our boss Nikolaj says that some of the most effective employees he´s ever had have been mums. His experience with them is that they get their stuff done from 8-16 without all the chit-chat that makes the rest of us stay till early evening. Mums know how to prioritize because the have to be out the door at a certain time and spend some quality time with their children. What is your experience? Are you better at working now that you are a mum? Are you an employer who thinks mums are a catch? Are you a woman who is afraid that children might hinder your career? If yes, don´t worry…employers want you! Check out this site called Yummymummy careers which is a site where working mums and employers can get in touch with each other. They also have a blog where women network and discuss issues like gender pay across different countries etc.