A management challenge: Change the culture of 1 billion people



The other morning I heard on danish national radio P3 that the chinese tourists are misbehaving to such a degree that the chinese government wants to campaign for better behavior when the chinese are travelling around the world. Apparently the chinese tourists are disrespectful and telling everyone off hence giving China a bad reputation.

It’s a great (in every way) example of how the behavior creates the image and the reputation of an organization. And it sounds like someone in China knows what creating a winner brand is all about; you have to start at the behavior, the culture, and then later on you can begin to communicate about yourself. Saying it is not enough. You have to do it.

Then the question is, how do you get one billion people (at least the part of them that are able of travelling) to think about the image they are creating and how their behavior should be different? The “internal brochure” is not going to do it – as it never did. Change of culture and the expressions that members of the organization are creating in their everyday is an immense task and takes lots of effort. Nomatter the size. I wonder if chinese leaders will show their good example? Will they make talks and seminars about “the Good Chineses Tourist”? How would you come about changing the behavior of the chinese tourists?

Recently I spoke with Jacob from Saffron about country branding and the Poland-case. Maybe China is a case to work on?