What to do with the 70 billion?



According to one of the new free-papers (“gratis-aviserne”) have several more or less well-known personalities suggested how we should spend these extra “goodies” that Thor Pedersen seems to be in possesion of. One of them (also well-know for spending money and being awful good at it) was Kurt Thorsen, and I can only agree to what he suggested: “Use the money on the elders. On science and education and just make sure that our hearts and brains will shine of happiness!” And here comes the best part of what Kurt Thorsen said: One could also buy back the West Indies….but then again, we have ofcourse Bornholm!”

How would you spent the money? Would you give DSB Harry a raise – or just a helping hand on handling the train-traffic? Would you suggest helping the 3. world?

What to do. What to do…?