Was it an authentic ride we had with Madonna in Horsens?



I am one of few (?) who actually think that her concert in Horsens was fabulous. Maybe because my friend and I were practically sitting on the back of one of her dancers – that’s how close we were to the queen of pop. And we were thrilled! And we didn’t for a second think about the 700 DKR we had spent on this event. Two hours in pleasant company with Madonna Louise Ciccone made it worth every penny. It also made us forget about unpleasant visits in nasty toilets, not to mention the smell of a lazy mans “droppings” in the middle of the crowd after deciding not to use the toilet in fear of loosing his super spot. We only had eye for the 1,63 cm of glamour and energy dancing on the stage.

But what exactly was she doing back-riding on a dirty ploughed field in Horsens? The woman who had a pink toilet seat brought in especially for her very precious behind?

The show has been accused of being a scandal. No one could see anything. It could have been Eddie Skoller coming out of that giant disco-ball. Know one would have been able to tell the difference. Well I know for a fact that it was Madonna on that stage and so does my friend, Laura. But I am not sure, that does it for the rest of the (84.998) pissed off audience who – according to several journalists “unsaddled” during the concert. Threw the towel in the ring, so to speak and amused themselves (200 meters from the stage!) with expensive hotdogs and beers instead. That couldn’t possibly have been anyone’s idea of a super concert.

There is no doubt that Madonna as an artist sits firmly in the saddle – she knows what she is doing and she does it very well. Maybe that gives reason to question why she chooses to perform with a super professional and ultra coordinated show on a ploughed field in Horsens. Is it fair, that an artist with such a star quality compromises the experience of the audience just to make money – which seems to be the only reasonable motive? Is it authentic?

And what about Horsens and the million dollar hotdogs? Is Horsens Forum really cut out for the queen of pop? Or is the only link between Madonna and Horsens in fact the horse on the Horsens coat of arms and the horse Madonna pretended to ride on (non of them real horses by the way!)? What do you think about the whole horse(ns) affair?