Visit from the free Belarus-press



Today Birgitte and I got a visit from far away. The editor and a reporter from the belarussian “Belarus and Market” came to visit. They are visiting Denmark to receive help on the development of their weekly newspaper which they are fighting to publish in a country where it’s not possible to speak freely about personal views on politics etc. We discussed the design of their newspaper as well as the possibilities of collecting and using pictures from the readers. Just getting more than a few pictures in each edition of the paper is a challenge as they don’t have the ressources to buy pictures or send out a photographer to cover a story. One of the difficult things about using public journalism in this case is that the editor is responsible for anything pulished in the context of the paper – even if it’s a reader whos opinion is being published. So the editor has the responsibility of cencoring all types of material that is to be published. Difficult. I hope we were able of helping them out a bit.

PaperAt least I got good (belarussian) feedback on my comments on their logo and use of type as well as the general layout of the frontpage. I also remembered that I made a few ads for the russian and belarussian market back in 1998. Fun experience of the day!

New layout-suggestion that we looked at today