Master of Reality


Now its not only enough to have courses in university regarding game theory and the likes. As read on the Sprinwise site, Indiana University is now offering a course to their students in reality tv that covers areas such as legal, historical, ethical, psychological, sociological and economic perspectives. Jacob_kjeldberg_01_200wI´m not sure yet – but if there is a title called Mater of Reality – I´m going to start over my current studies in communication and go to Indiana. In case (sur real) reality is to much for you there is always the option to join a “Second Life” which is a new 3D online digital world which is “imagined, created and owned by its residents” as it is officially explained on the web site. Current number of residents today: 1,678,096. Have we really created such a nasty world with boring identities that people want to go and live a parallel 3D world or Im I just not getting it because I have never been addicted to playing Counter Strike and the likes?! What ever happen to – not the sur real or 3D – but “normal” reality?!