Good News or bad News?


Today is a very special day for danish TV2 – or even danish television in general. Not only can the program “MorgenTV” celebrate it´s 10th anniversary, but what´s more important, TV2 is launching a new TV-station. TV2 News, it´s called. And in fact, we are witnessing the beginning of a new era in the history of danish television. From now on, we can update on news 24-7!

But this makes we wonder – I allready have acces to near real-time news on the internet, so what legitamizes TV2 News in the danish media world? I mean, what is the purpose of this new news channel?

I hope that TV2´s latest offspring can provide news profesionally served by experienced journalists. That would make the channel an alternative to both the internet and foreign news stations like CNN and BBC World.

I think that TV2 has made a good bet on hiring known faces from the danish world of TV news like Mette Vibe Utzon and Poul Erik Skammelsen. These high profile journalists gives TV2 News the credability and recognizability, that can diffentiate the station from CCN, BBC and especially the internet.

TV2´s potential problem is getting the consumers aka. viewers to accept, that news on TV is available around the clock. For endless times the daily dose of news has been served along with the evening coffee by “TV-Avisen” at nine o´clock at DR or by “Nyhederne” at TV2. And we – the consumers – have been happy with this arrangement.

So my essential question is: Why change it if it ain´t broke?

Do we need 24-7 access to television news in danish?

For my part I guess, I´ll take a peek at TV2 News, just to see what all the fuzz is about. And if the quality is satisfying, I´ll probably stay tuned in. We´ll all just have to wait and see.