Helping an oldtimer back on track:
Askov Højskole



In september the new headmaster at Askov Højskole had just arrived. And one of the first things he did was write us an email. It was brief. Hans needed help bringing the school back to a state that it hasn’t seen for a while. With a whopping number of 300 beds the school is ready for lots of students but they’re not being used. At least not a lot of them.

So we dug in trying to figure out what this school is all about. Being one of the oldest folk high schools in Denmark it has a long proud heritage of helping the young generation of Denmark becoming a bit more skilled on politics. On philosophy. On all the things that we’d want people to live their life knowing. But first of all the school has shown a unique ability of helping the next generation tell their story in professional matters as well as the story of their own life. So we wound up helping Askov Højskole formulate a focused strategy that could be summed up by this:

“Askov Højskole – hvad er din historie?”

(Askov Højskole, whats your story?)

The strategy is to focus on journalism, filmmaking and drama. We’ve been helping the school hire new guest-lecturers (you can meet really cool guys like actress Dina Al-Erhayem, film director Nikolaj Arcel, actor Jens Jørn Spottag, journalists Reimer Bo Christensen, Clement Kjersgaard and Mette Vibe Utzon just to name a few). So in just a few weeks the new program is running. With a new focus, new guest teachers, new ideas. But the same basic ideology and history behind it all. If you’re not bussy take a few months off – go try the life at Askov!

Check out the new website and meet two girls, Catrine and Mette, who are blogging about their life at Askov on