Redesign in Colour


Six months ago I was asked by OKI in Scandinavia to help out selling their smallest colourprinter. The OKI C3400n. Its pretty bulky, it prints 16 colourpages a minute and 20 blackn’whites. You can print to it through your network. Its good quality. Japanese. For good reason OKI wanted them sold. Lots of them. Oh, I almost forgot. This product costs a bit more than other printers with the same specs.

Not an easy case. Actually Birgitte and I (and everyone else in the office for a few weeks) stared at it for quite some time. Printer. Laser. Expensive. Japanese. Big. Grey.

The funny thing is that according to our client this was a design-object. This was their nicest looking product. And I have to give the guys in R&D back in Japan they did make it more simple and nicer than most other printers in its class. But still… design? So we thought about it for a while and discussed how this could change. And how could one small product change the corporate image of OKI – according to substantial research a few years back number seven on the list of preference in most segments ever considering to buy a printer.

If you’ve ever bought a colourprinter you’ll know there isn’t that much to consider. Basically there’s a bunch of tech-specs (like speed, resolution, ink versus laser, network etc.) and price. And since most of the products in this market are alike the price seems to become consideration number one.

So we wrote a new brief for the challenge:

How can the C3400n become the product that will help change the perception of OKIs corporate brand?

Cut to five months later: Next week we’re introducing the redesigned colourprinter. The first of it’s kind. Cool, fun, personal, design. It’s got colour inside – and now on the outside as well. In other words here’s a printer for everyone that loves colour. We even wrote a few words to follow the newborn: “Loose grey. Love colour”. And yesterday Mikkel and I shot another photo that shows the idea:


The picture’s not quite done. Will be in a few days… But you get the idea. Nomatter what colour you have in your home or office it fits right in. There are 36 to choose from!