The Standard is upside down


Today a girl named Nanna paid me a visit in the office to talk about working for us in the spring. As she was explaining why she preferred STAGIS over so many other companies she described us as creative and “playful”. Not that I oppose the idea but I was wondering what brought her to the notion. Most of the projects we do are 90% structured effort and not that playful at all. And actually I think some of the most creative stuff STAGIS did over the past 9 years came from pretty straight-forward processes solving real problems that needed extrodinary solutions. At the end it might look as if someone turned everything upside down but in reality we’re just trying to keep a balance between being true to the heritage and culture of our clients on one hand and helping them evolve and change on the other.

Picture_2_2As Sex and the City is flickering by Carrie and her friends walked through the lobby of The Standard where I lived for a week a few years back. It’s just a hotel but one of the more hip spots of LA at the time. They really carried out a sense of turning things upside down. But only to a degree that worked out. Good service, design or business is not just a matter of turning things upside down but turning one important factor up and all together dumping another.

Over the past few days we’ve been looking for a hotel lobby in Denmark that has a good design. It doesn’t exist. The lobby at The Standard doesn’t stand out. Except for one thing. Every night there’s someone inside a glass cage behind the counter. Surreal. Other than that it’s just a fun nice place. But you don’t forget it right away. It’s just one detail but it’s a really creative one. And playful. To remember it I still have their red logo sticker sitting on the frame of my 23 inch screen in the office.

I agree to Nannas definition of STAGIS. At least I’d like the company to live up to that description. We’re creative and playful. It’s The Standard.